Monday, May 6, 2013

Regent University Commencement Ceremony 2013 for The Virginian-Pilot

Dreams and aspirations clothed in black cap and gowns lined the brick and mortar sidewalks categorically anticipating the next chapter of life. An elated Wendy Davis shared a hug and moment of prayer with her friend Mary Taylor. Throughout Davis' senior year at Regent her patience, passion and perseverance had overcome cancer, multiple surgeries, the passing of a close family member and the challenges of caring for her child with special needs. 

All the while, a slow, damp drizzle blanketed the campus of Regent University as several hundred graduates patiently awaited the climax of four years in academia. For some, like Kenyan David Oginde, many more years and sacrifices had been devoted to his pursuit of scholarly excellence. Oginde, alongside his counterparts, would be accepting his PHD in Organizational Leadership. 

Despite the intermittent ballad of rain drops melodically dropping faint beats onto a cardboard box that served as a make-shift umbrella for Les McQuillon, he, like many others were present to show their love and support to friend's, family, and loved ones. 

In these moments of triumph, as individuals, we should not hesitate to reflect on where we have come in our own lives, how we got there and what we aim to accomplish in the future. 

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