Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Life Milked Daily for: Distinction Magazine

If the convenience of daily life as we know it today ceased to exist, if we were forced to return to our hunter/gatherer roots, how many of us would fall to the theory of Darwinism? 

For Maureen and Kevin Anderson it's a non-issue for them and their eight children. In the rural enclave known as Pungo, just on the outskirts of suburban Virginia Beach, VA the Anderson family are living a sustainable lifestyle. With a 30 acre parcel of land , the Hearthside Farm nurtures a "lifestyle that revolves around self-sustainability, organic agriculture and the homespun."

This idyllic country oasis provides all of the family's income. Additionally, they craft some of the wool from the sheep into clothing, use eggs from their chickens, gather honey from their beehive, and some of the land provides additional food for family meals. One major production that occurs on the farm is the creation of handmade soap that is sold locally in boutiques and groceries. Believe it or not, their soap - officially known as Tasha's Own provides a large portion of the family's income. 

During my time on the farm, I often left smelling less like a bar of French Lavender or Autumn Spice and more like, well, a farm. It was a fascinating juxtaposition from the aroma of herbs, spices, and other concoctions that blanketed the rustic atmosphere inside the Anderson's home.  

This irony, this balancing, it's enough to inspire the homesteader in me, at least until the rooster crows. 

Do yourself a favor and read the entire article in this quarter's issue of Distinction Magazine. The colorful words are provided by one of my favorite writers Joanne Kimberlin. 


Tippi Thole said...

Great story and beautiful images. Lovely job!


Thanks Tippi, much appreciated.