Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tom Randolph for: Novus Select

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to photograph local Portsmouth businessman Tom Randolph for Novus Select. He is both a successful businessman in the door and window industry and a triathlete.

That said, the editor I spoke with asked that I make some images that would help illustrate this story and complement the copy. He also wanted something fun and creative. He suggested making a podium out of some of the doors and have Randolph pose in the winner's spot with some of his many medals.

I gladly obliged and worked diligently to bring his idea to fruition. After several attempts and a lot of adjusting of my lights, his medals, the bike, the podium and so forth I was able to make some frames that I liked.

From there we moved on to another location in the Randolph-Bundy warehouse and set up another set. In this particular shoot we emulated the old Superman pose. However, we replaced the phone booth with a door and the Superman suit with a cycling jersey. Thankfully, Randolph was very giving of his time and even went the extra mile and bought a red tie to use for the shoot.

Like all assignments I always work to help the client's vision come to life. However, I also try to bring  additional ideas to the to the shoot. In the end, I feel most comfortable when I can file both what the client asked for and more.

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