Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Mystery of Glass for: Distinction Magazine

Process can be a beautiful thing. 

At the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio the art of glass blowing becomes an act of rhythm and harmony.  The synchronization of ones breathe and movement is as much an art form as the elegant sculptures crafted from the glowing globs of glass molten.

Working in unison, two artists transform a chalk sketching on the concrete slab floor into a three dimensional dissertation of glass. This shapeshifting of molten takes on a sense of Zen and watching the dance assures me of this notion. 

“It is both liquid and solid, elastic and brittle, captivating and extremely humbling,”  says  studio manager Charlotte Potter.

Read more about The Mystery of Glass by Janine Latus in this seasons issue of Distinction Magazine.


Seun Williams said...

Awesome post. And nice shots


Thank you Seun, I'm glad you enjoyed the work.