Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Yesterday at the Office: Oceanfront

Long before I ever picked up a camera, people-watching was a favorite pastime of mine. When I did take my first photography class, I was living at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront on the corner of 17th Street and Pacific Avenue, the heart of our bustling shoreline and prime real estate for curious voyeurs. Most days I'd take my camera for a walk, shooting from the hip and making images of the going-ons of the streets. From the start, street photography was my passion, a chance to put my love of people-watching on paper.

Many moons later, I'm still walking the same streets. Yesterday, The Virginian-Pilot ran a few selects of photographs made on some of my recent walks this summer.

In addition to the print edition of this series, there is an extended essay of my Oceanfront project on my site. The images below are a few examples that did not make it to print. Head on over and take a walk with me.

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