Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: for Reuters

It's just past midnight and the streets are still cluttered with debris from the storm. The earth remains damp in a tapestry of wet and I can even hear the trees swaying in the wind just outside my window.  Even so, it seems Hurricane Sandy or "Frankenstorm" has left the building.

Over the past two days I've weaved my way in and out of Hampton Roads starting on the shoreline of the oceanfront in Virginia Beach. I later hopped puddles on the edge of the Elizabeth River in Portsmouth and navigated back over the Berkley Bridge to find the Lafayette River overflowing beyond it's rim in Norfolk. Down on the Chesapeake Bay in Ocean View I photographed places of my yesteryears. 

sea and salt
summer and sand
here is where 
I once swam 
as a brown eyed boy
here, at the seashore...

In the fleeting seconds between the click of my shutter I thought about how easily faded memories can be triggered. I was amused in how they too can rise and then fall like the tides, or in this case a hurricane.

The following images were shot while on assignment for Reuters. Many of them found a home at the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and the Chicago Tribune amid many other publications.

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