Monday, April 30, 2012

Mind Over Matter: SUAS

Mind Over Matter: SUAS* is an ongoing column that aims to document skateboarders from all walks of life who are still riding their plank after 30+ years of age. My principal intent is to offer the viewer both an insight to why grown men/women choose to continue to ride despite being what many consider “too old” and to encourage the masses to get out and get theirs - whatever that might be. 
*SUAS is an acronym commonly used in skateboard rhetoric, it simply means Shut Up And Skate! Click the image to view it super-sized. Enjoy.


Bruce said...

Sergie rips! Always has, always will. Love, Bruce I.


I agree Bruce. He's a natural on that board of his and I'm stoked to see that he's been able to earn his living from ridin' it after all these years. Big Ups to Sergie and thanks for stopping by the blog Bruce. Any chance we'll be able to get you out for a session at some point?