Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Coming to America: An Intrinsic Need

Coming to America: On September 29, 2011 I had severed my three years of time in the Middle East working for an English language paper. My time was up; I was homeward bound. All that kept me from my beloved country was a short 24 hour flight. From the moment I stepped onto American soil at Chicago O'Hare airport I started incessantly documenting my own personal coming to America. Visually, there was just so much that I had missed about the States. This series, Coming to America was born out of an intrinsic need to record my Americana.  The work is in its infancy and although I can pinpoint where it began, I don't know where it will end nor where it will take me. Come along for the ride. 

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Mark Johnston said...

Awesome set.


Thanks for saying so Mark, I appreciate your feedback. Cheers!