Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mind Over Matter: SUAS

Mind Over Matter: SUAS* is an ongoing column that aims to document skateboarders from all walks of life who are still riding their plank after 30+ years of age. My principal intent is to offer the viewer both an insight to why grown men/women choose to continue to ride despite being what many consider “too old” and to encourage the masses to get out and get theirs - whatever that might be. 
*SUAS is an acronym commonly used in skateboard rhetoric, it simply means Shut Up And Skate! Click the image to view it super-sized. Enjoy.


strwbrybld said...

definitely a matter of mind over it... this dude works PHYSICALLY hard every day and the first thing he does when he gets home is punish that mini-ramp... thanks, love it


I hear ya. On the day of this shoot Scott told me about his day and I was surprised he was out riding. Glad you liked the column, thanks for saying so. On another note, props for being a supportive wife and having a ramp built in your backyard. All the best.