Friday, November 28, 2008

Staking Claim

Standing out at almost any taxi cab stand in Abu Dhabi means staking your claim of shade. Meanwhile, as you’re waiting, you might find yourself passing the time daydreaming about a cooler place in town. Maybe a place where the drinks are free flowing and the breeze from the Arabian Gulf sets you into an afternoon slumber.

Being here in Abu Dhabi for about two months I’ve had my fair share of finding ways to stay cool while waiting for a taxi. I’ve devised my own schemes to help facilitate the hot sun and taxi cab shade shuffle. In the end, the best remedy is securing a UAE drivers license and getting your own set of wheels, with air conditioning of course. Which I accomplished just a few days ago.

However, in the interim, this taxi cab stand on Muroor Road is where I often found myself anticipating my next ride. Most of the time dreaming about anything from a cold beverage to driving my own car through the bustling streets of the city.

This particular day as I made my way to the stand I saw this man in his comfort zone of the shade. If you look closely there are two other men shading themselves as well, one uses a light post and another is using the taxi cab stand for shade. Each one staking their claim.


Robert said...

Hey Rich,
When I was in the Philippines, during my college days, this is the way I claimed my place or spot. I usually find a college student (girl, of course), with umbrella, strike a conversation, what college or university she goes to, and soon enough I will be invited to share the shade of her umbrella. Especially during the rainy season, I will always find somebody with umbrella. Of course, I don't have the money to invite her for a cup of coffee, but I have her name and address. I never failed.

Amanda said...

Thanks for blogging all this. Wonderful images, and what an interesting detail from this new life.