Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween in Abu Dhabi

I missed my son dressed in his Halloween best this year, he's still in the States with my wife.

To say the least, my heart was feeling a little heavy. I know, I know, it's just Halloween. But seriously, who doesn't remember each and every Halloween, even as adults?

I mean really? Halloween for kids is only second to Christmas. Even as adults many of us continue to drape ourselves in costumes. Concealing our identity for one evening out of the year, we become children again.

So while I'm here eagerly awaiting their arrival I shot a few portraits of my new coworkers.



Robert said...

Yes, I remember back in my early years in my home town where children were dress anything "spooky' and not knowing the significant and/or the meaning of it. We dress up because we knew somewhere along our route nice folks will start handing out goodies. Then I started my own family, my son and my daughter were too eager to go out there carrying plastic bags. Of course, they knew what kind of goodies they will get, and my wife and I will walked them around the corner or more. For the most part good selection of candies started to filled up. Yes, that is Halloween for the night, just like when I was growing up--- goodies!!

Gerry Melendez said...

Man that guy holding the brain is a bit eerie. Love the cool light and stiff poses though. Nice!